The Wraith

Her only comforts come in the form of a ritual, bereft of meaning, and her dreams where she collects artifacts so she can construct puppet-like companions in her waking realm.

A beautiful score and poetic narration accompany this melancholy tale of longing and the search for forgiveness. The Wraith takes the audience through our world and into the next where dreams are reality and reality is a distant memory.

Brought to you by Polymath Pictures and produced in association with Urban Apache Films, the award winning team behind Northmen and Greasepaint.



Cast & Crew

Bernard Hill
Angharad Jones
David Clayton
Mark Burman
Director: Tom Walsh

Producers: Tom Walsh, Amy Nicholson, Philip Stevens

Director of Photography: Stewart MacGregor

Art Direction: Amy Nicholson

Sound: Jake Tomlinson

Music: Michael Wetherburn


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