The Last Viking

25th September, 1066 - The Viking King Harald Hardrada’s invaders are being slaughtered at Stamford Bridge outside York. Caught unawares by the English King Harold and his army, the Norsemen fight to their last breath, as all worthy warriors must.

Battle-torn, bloody and exhausted, the ageing warrior king bursts into a simple thatched dwelling, the clamour of battle and cries of the fallen fading behind him. The great Harald Hardrada might not know it, but his mortal body even now lies hacked and bloodless on the field by the river. And yet such was the warrior’s ambition in life, such was his thirst for sword-fame and glory, that he has one more tale to tell. One final epic to share, of his journey along the warrior’s way, before his soul can move on to what lies beyond.

And Odin the spear god, lord of war and poetry, would hear it.  

Feel the heat of battle, hear the song of sword on shield, catch the cunning and the courage and listen to the tale of one of the greatest warriors who ever lived. Brought to you by bestselling novelist Giles Kristian and award-winning filmmaker Philip Stevens, this short film blends beautiful balladry with breathtaking cinematic vision to educate and entertain.

'Director Philip Stevens has taken every detail into consideration to create this atmospheric piece of cinema'  UK Film Review


Cast & Crew

Hardrada - Philip Stevens
Odin - David Clayton
Co-Producer - Giles Kristian
Producer - Philip Stevens
Music by Lee Gretton
Cinematography by Stewart MacGregor
Film Editing by Stewart MacGregor
Costume Design by Pauline Loven
Makeup Artist - Patrycja Adamczyk
Makeup Artist/SFX Makeup - Samantha Chapman
Hair Stylist - Benjamin Mills
Assistant Director - Lewis Gemmill
Boom Operator - Lee Gretton
Sound Editor/Sound Mixer - Lee Gretton
Sound Mixer - Ben Selway
Visual Effects - Jon Holmes
Costume and Wardrobe Department
Costumier - Pauline Loven
Colourist - Jon Holmes
Production Assistant - William Clayton
Production Assistant - James Richards


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