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125,000 men volunteered to fight for RAF Bomber Command during World War II. 55,573 never returned.

From the dusky English coast to the flak filled night skies of war-torn Europe, ‘Lancaster’ tells the story of a young bomber crew as they fly one final daring night raid over occupied France in the face of insurmountable odds.

‘Lancaster’ explores the human, personal experience of the war that raged in the skies during WWII, the reality of the bravery and fear, the indiscriminate nature of combat and the impact on the individual.

From award-winning director Philip Stevens and award-winning producer Tom Walsh, ‘Lancaster’ is a powerful and moving portrayal of the courage and sacrifices of the men who took to the air in the name of duty during the bombing campaigns of the Second World War. Produced by the Urban Apache Films core creative team for Red Dog Film, Polymath Pictures and East Lindsay District Council.



Cast & Crew

Boy – Lincoln Cupples
Pilot/Skipper – Mark Burman
Bomb Aimer – Philip Stevens
Flight Engineer – James Richards
Navigator – Joe Richardson
Wireless Operator – Lewis Gemmill
Mid Upper Gunner – Giles Kristian
Rear Gunner – William Clayton
Eleanor – Kirsty Averton
Written and Directed by Philip Stevens
Produced by Tom Walsh
Director of Photography – Stewart MacGregor
Production Designer – Amy Nicholson
Music – Lee Gretton
Sound Design & Mixing – Chris Hainstock
Colourist – Boyko Stankov
Executive Producers – Sam Wardhan & Lorrie Stock


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