Welcome to Urban Apache Films

Founded in 2009, Urban Apache Films are an award winning UK-based independent film production company. We specialise in creating compelling cinematic drama,  documentaries and promotional films. You can find details of our recent films below. To see the rest of our work, visit the 'Productions' section.


The Knock
Short film - A BFI and Creative England iShort, starring BAFTA-nominated actor Nico Mirallegro (Rillington Place, Peterloo), Maude Hirst (Vikings), Max Willis (Poldark) and Robin Laing (Band of Brothers)
The Last Viking
Short film - 950 years ago, a desperate, bloody battle changed England’s course forever.
The Empty Throne
Promotional film - A living painting depicting the life and laws of King John.
The Banks Endeavour
A short documentary about botanist Sir Joseph Banks, with David Attenborough
The Forecast
Short film - A middle aged man spends a moment of solitude on a desolate stretch of coast, but the peace is shattered when he finds himself the subject of a horrific accusation.
The Road To Rome
Documentary narrated by Ian McKellen. Three authors. Two charities. A hundred and thirty mile march across Italy in ancient Roman armour. What could possibly go wrong?
God Of Vengeance
Book trailer for the novel ‘God Of Vengeance’ by bestselling author Giles Kristian
Short film - A hard hitting docu-drama about the last mission of a Lancaster bomber crew during World War II.
Short film - A post-apocalyptic zombie comedy where zombies are heroes and humans are the enemy.
Going County
A teenage girl pursues her missing friend into a dangerous world of drugs, trafficking and exploitation in the isolated Lincolnshire fenlands.


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